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DH Vent!!!

I know it is very early in our pregnancy, but my mom is having a garage sale in 2 weeks and I am trying to get through all the closets and all the room and get rid of the stuff we will not have the room for when the baby comes.  We have a 3 bedroom house but the 3rd room has been our office, and I work from home.  I am now losing my  home office and have to fit all this in my dining room. That means stuff has to go!!!! He is unwilling to get rid of anything, saying we can make it work.  NO WE CAN'T we are out of room as it is!!
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Re: DH Vent!!!

  • It will be ok just pick and choose yourself and tell him that either it can go now or it can go later when the baby comes and everything is super hectic.
  • My DH is the other way around, he wants to get rid of everything so we don't have to move it! Come on!
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  • ugh!  this is sooooo my dh!  what i do now is pick out stuff that is "mine" or i know he doesn't care about and then i just say "this stuff is going to the yard sale."  once i've done the work, he usually agrees.  then there is a select grouping of stuff that gets "debated" because it's stuff that was important to him at some time. 
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  • We just had a garage sale last weekend @ my mom's as well, and getting DH to get rid of "his" stuff was pretty difficult, but he did it when he saw how much of my stuff was going.  We managed to completely empty out the room we plan to use as the nursery, and got our office to a point where we can get the air mattress on the floor in there if we have house guests after the baby comes (or they'll stay with my parents, who live less than 2 miles away and have 2 extra bedrooms).  If I were in your position, I would just start putting things that he never uses/won't miss into your garage sale pile, and see if he notices.  I'd bet money that he won't. 
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  • The main item in question is an old desk he redid for our son.  He painted it and put a new top and seat on it.  He has had it for about 4 years and never uses it.  There is no room in ds's room for it and it is currently in a section of our dining room, which is going to be my new office?  Would you get rid of it, it means nothing to my son.
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  • I'd tell him Okay then, YOU make it work. Once he sees that it won't, he'll let go of something. Let him figure it out. Men tend to think they're smarter than us at times, and right now he thinks he can make it work. Let him try. When he fails, though, don't go in with an 'I told you so' mentality- just ask him what can go to make room for whatever, even if you need to buy something else for a desk, or a different table. Pat him on the back, tell him he did his best, and tell him something's gotta go.
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