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fingers and toes!

Today's ultrasound was amazing. My most favorite one to date!

Baby A is a wild child, spinning and flipping and dancing like a maniac. If Baby B beats the crap out of Baby A in a few years I may not break it up :) Poor Baby B is the chillest kid you've ever seen and they are so close together, I was like oh you poor thing, I promise I'll put you in separate cribs as soon as you come home :)

Lots of fingers and toes and awesome features all around. They looked like babies and today felt SO real. Oh, and I graduated! OMG! I won't lie, I cried my eyes out. But I'm so overjoyed to be here and to be this much closer to bringing home our LO's.


Baby A shot of head, arm and hand.


Baby B shot of head (upside down), body, leg and foot (and toes!) 

Re: fingers and toes!

  • They are so cute!!! Graduating is always fun but sad at the same time.
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  • smileesmilee member

    Awww.... look at your little cuties!  Congrats on graduating; it is such a huge milestone!

    I am so happy for you!! :) 

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  • OMG Niki - these pictures are precious! I am so happy that you got such a good show today.

     Congrats on graduating...just reading your post I teared up. How bittersweet. 

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  • That is so cool Niki :)  Congratulations!
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  • Awww look at those two cuties!!! Congrats on graduating!

    Oh and out little girl has been on the move even since ten weeks also. Tell little B to hang in there and to not take too much of A's crap. :)

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  • Congrats on graduating :)  Very cute babies you've got there... love the little toes!
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  • Congratulation on your graduation! I was very emotional as well - never thought I would be able to experience it.  Your babies are looking great, just wait for the u/s as they get bigger - so awesome!
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  • Isn't it awesome to see all that movement, actual limbs moving???

    Congratulations on your graduation!

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  • Great looking kiddos!  Congrats on graduating too. :)
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  • Congrats on graduating and I'm glad you enjoyed the ultrasound!  Great pictures!
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  • congratulations!!!
  • Congrats!!!!!!!!
  • so so cute! yay!

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  • Adorable!
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