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Chromasomal Test Results Back

I haven't posted in a while...went on vacation without my computer.  While on vacation we got our chromasomal test results back from the D&C.  Turns out it was Trisomy 16.  The doc said this was "good" news as it's something that could happen to anyone.  I know she's right but it's so sad that it does happen so frequently.  She's recommending we try again naturally once more.  If that doesn't work we can look into IVF with some pre-implantation testing.  I guess she's right.  We can get pregnant...and we have two healthy fertility in the traditional sense is not the issue.  I'm just worried about my age (36).  I feel like time is running out.  I think we're probably going to take her advice but we have some time to think as I'm still waiting for AF.  I HATE the waiting!!  It's only been 4 weeks though so I shouldn't complain.  I know we're so lucky to have our two boys...just not ready to be done yet.  Sorry for the vent.  Thanks for listening!     


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DS #2 = 10/08

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Missed Miscarriage #2 = May 2010, D&C at 8 weeks

Missed Miscarriage #3 = November 2010, L&D at 17 weeks

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DD = 10/18/11!!

Re: Chromasomal Test Results Back

  • Im a little in the same boat... Waited all my life to finally find the right guy... got the guy now I am 35 and still no LO.  I know everything works or we would not have had the LO we lost but I keep hoping that it will happen quickly and last the next time.  Of course we were told to wait 3 months before trying again and I am a little impatient... Here is to us AMA mommies and our future LO's
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  • I am so sorry for your loss. We lost our son to Trisomy 16 in October. And you're right, knowing it's "common" doesn't make it easier.
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  • BlakeGBlakeG
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    I'm gald you were able to get some answers even though it doesn't take away the pain.  T&Ps that next time will be your take home baby.
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