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New and confused (kind of long)

Once Lo gets here i plan to breastfeed at home and pump at work. I work 10 hour shifts with some days being up to 13 hours. My work situation is male dominated and i work at the back of the building away from any closed off area to pump. My plan is to pump in the restrooms on my breaks but i only get one 15 minute break and one 20 minute break as well as my lunch. Before i return to work i plan to make it clear that if we go over 10 hours i will need another break to pump but my employer may resist. How often will i need to pump at work? I am also looking at breastpumps now and i am lost. Do i need a manual or electric? Double or single? Any suggestions. I know i still have some time but this has been weighing on my mind and DH is concerned that i will not have enough time to pump at work. Also once lo is 6 weeks old i will be going back to work so I need to make sure that i have enough pumped to leave at my mothers house who is going to watch lo. How early before i go back do i need to start getting a supply? We have a Breastfeeding class in Sept. but i have heard that they are not always that informative. Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: New and confused (kind of long)

  • I work 10 hour shifts too. I start work at 5:30 (I pump before I leave even if I have just fed LO because my supply is so great in the morning) Then I pump at 8:30 or 9, I go home to nurse LO at lunch (11:30) and then I pump at 3.

    It takes me about 15 minutes to pump so you should probably be okay with your breaks as well as pumping at your lunch.

    You must get a good pump if you want to be successful at pumping while away from LO. I have a Medela pump in style advanced which many of the ladies here have. It is a double electric pump.

    As for pumping before you leave LO with your Mom, there are a few schools of thought. Many ladies think that you should wait to pump for 3 weeks after baby is born until your supply is regulated. Otherwise you can create an over supply which can be an issue. My pedi said I could start pumping at 2 weeks so DS could have his first bottle and I didn't have any issues with oversupply but I also wasn't too regular about pumping and I only pumped an extra 4 oz some days after feeding LO in the morning.  

    I would take the BFing class. Even if you don't learn anything you don't "know" you may make some friends and I truely think the key to me being successful at nursing is being around other nursing mothers! They are awesome and give you the support you need when you want to quit!

  • I work 3 12 hour shifts that can turn into 13-14 hour shifts easily. I am an RN and never know when/if I will be able to pump. But, I make it happen. I pump every 4 hours or 3 times. It can take me anywhere from 15-30 minutes to pump. Just depends on how long I can get away for. I do pump handsfree (with my own invention) and work while I pump, so I never consider it an actual break.

    I highly suggest a double electric pump. I have a Medela Pump In Style and I love it.

    By law, your employer has to provide you with a private, locked room to pump in that is not a bathroom. If your boss won't eat his lunch there, you don't pump there. And, I think they have to allow you the time to do so.

    It is possible.

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