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BF and Weight Gain

DS is 2 weeks today and we are still not at his birth weight.  We are BF with some struggles and have seen 2 LC which both recommended a nipple shield and I think that is helping.  He has plenty of wet and poopy diapers per day and seems satisfied after each feeding.  Feedings last around 40 minutes and include a 1 oz. supplement of pumped breast milk by a supplemental nursing system.  So I was pretty disappointed at his appt. with his weight and thought he would have at least gained an oz. in the past few days.

After discussing with his doctor who is amazing and is really supporting our BF efforts, he does not seemed too concerned.  

Did anyone else deal with a slow weight gain?  When we met with Cindi Freeman yesterday we determined he was taking in over an oz at each feeding, plus supplementing, should be enough.  I have enough supply to supplement, but I don't know what else to do. 


Re: BF and Weight Gain

  • If your pedi isn't concerned, then I wouldn't worry too much. DH's best friend's son was like that for almost a month, then he hit his birth weight & his weight gain took off! He was 20lbs by 6months! He & his brother (2years older) wear the same clothes!!

    Hope things get better soon for you! 

  • My son lost almost 15% of his birth weight in his first few days of life and it took us well over a month to get him back to it! Don't worry it'll get there!
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  • At 2 weeks, we were struggling with weight gain and actually experiencing more weight loss.  The doctor did actually seemed concerned in our case.  He still did not suggest formula supplements, but rather what you're doing with supplementing pumped BM. 

    She eventually plumped up, but it took time.  She was crying and we had no clue.  It was b/c she was hungry.  One of those parental moments that I'm not proud of.  Anyways, you're doing a great job and your LO will be gaining weight very soon!


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  • We struggled with weight gain as well.  I think she was at her birth weight right around a month.  We did weekly weight checks with our Pedi and each week she had a small gain so our dr wasn't concerned.  You're doing great!  Those first few weeks with BF are the toughest, but like you said he's having good wet / poop diapers so that's great!
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