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Block feeding reducing supply?

My pediatrician instructed me to do block feeding, as she was concerned about a fore/hindmilk imbalance.  However, now I feel as though my supply is too low.  DD takes much longer to eat and get full and my breasts don't feel nearly as full as they once did, plus I'm not leaking or getting engorged overnight at all.  Has anyone else done block feeding and had this problem?  Is there a way to increase my supply again?  I would be devastated if I couldn't EBF for at least a year.  Thanks!
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Re: Block feeding reducing supply?

  • My supply decreased when I stared block feeding per my LC's suggestion due to the foremilk/ hindmilk bologna too. I don't know I still produce enough but I nurse on both sides now!!! I went to a LLL meeting and we talked about this subject specifically and one of the girls had a journal article about it and stated that it was more important to keep your supply up so baby gets enough volume. Just a thought.

  • In theory block feeding shouldn't hurt your supply as you are still nursing the same amount, just on one side instead of two (so as an example, instead of 10 minutes on each side, you are doing 20 on one).  It's also common for you to have less engorgement and leaking as your supply regulates - that is not an indicator of a problem!  If she is sleeping longer stretches, you body is simply adjusting to that and not making as much milk at night since there isn't the demand.

    Is your DD satisfied after nursing?  Is her diaper output still good?   Is she gaining?   If these are yeses, then it's unlikely you have a problem.

    My advice would be to make sure you are drinking plenty of water and taking in plenty of calories - and most importantly, that you nurse on demand.  If she nurses on one side for a long time (whatever is "long" for her) and still seems hungry - offer the other side.

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  • Also, block feeding as in nursing multiple sessions on the same side shouldn't be done for more than a few days - that's enough to correct the problem if there was one (and shouldn't hurt anything if there wasn't).  What I described above is just nursing on one side per session (and switching sides the next) which should help her get more hindmilk.
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