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How soon did most of your symptoms begin?

I am just over 4 weeks and was really tired over the weekend (during the day, all day), but most of this week have been fine with the exception of feeling the need to go to bed a little earlier than usual. I've also had some heart burn and lots of creamy CM... so I have some symptoms, but for the most part feel normal.  How many weeks in did you really start feeling pregnant?  I took another test two days ago and had a very strong positive (had faint positives when I first got my BFP a week ago), so I feel like I should be having more symptoms, but maybe it's just too early?  I guess everyone is different, but just wondering what others have experienced.



Re: How soon did most of your symptoms begin?

  • Everyone is different. The ONLY symptom I had until 6 weeks was a sore chest...then 6 weeks hit and the nausea came like a freight train! Most people say between 6 and 8 weeks is when it hits them. Enjoy the symptom free time while you can!  :)
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  • I had sore breasts and a little bit of m/s at 4.5 weeks.  The breasts aren't as tender but the m/s has kicked it into high gear!
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  • Sore boobs, big time, starting right away.  I swear they have gotten bigger already!  Along with my belly, but it's my second so I think thats normal.  Other then that, symptoms aren't that big.  As long as I don't let my stomach get to hungry, I'm good to go.  But Its still early, I'm sure in a few weeks we will both be miserable!
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    My situation is different, but I don't have anything. My boobs seem bigger, but not sore. Today I was a little sick, but nothing I would call m/s.

    I take B6 at night, so it's either my bad betas or the B6 keeping everything at bay!


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  • All of my symptoms hit me at 6 weeks.
  • Can't remember when last time but this time, right at 4 weeks pregnant, I began feeling tired.  I didn't realize I was pregnant until 4w2d but had been very tired for a couple days leading up to that.


  • I will be seven weeks tomorrow and I haven't experienced any serious symptoms yet. I have a bit of cramping and heartburn but that's about it.
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  • I'm 4.5 weeks pregnant and my boobs are CRAZY SORE!!!

    also....super tired at night!


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  • 6 weeks tomorrow and my chest is a little sore and I am slightly more tired in the afternoon.  Other than that, I have had no symptoms.  I hope they strike soon so I can worry a little less. 
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  • CRAZY SORE boobs at 3 weeks!  I just thought I was getting ready to start my period the next week. And they have already gone up a size, I swear. Which sucks because I have large ones to begin with.. :(

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  • Sore boobs and m/s right at 6 weeks, fatigue even before BFP. Still have all symptoms going on too :-)
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  • THe only symptoms other than the missed period are sore boobs for 2+ weeks now and fatigue. 
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  • Thank you so much for your responses everyone!  It sounds like anything goes... some of us have tons of symptoms early and others it takes a little longer to get started.  I'm trying to just relax and not worry about it too much!
  • Sore boobs and really tired right away. Nausea started pretty bad at 6 weeks and I didn't throw up until the beginning of this week (9 weeks). I think everyone is different. I can't wait for the sickness part of it to be over!! :)
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