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Tommee Tippee bottles?

Anyone use these?  I bought a 5 oz. today to try it.  I also have a couple Avents as well. I haven't given a bottle to my 3 week old yet and I am a little afraid to be honest. Why?  What if he doesn't want me anymore, just a bottle. :(


Re: Tommee Tippee bottles?

  • I bought a Tommee Tippee and tried to give it to DD and she doesn't like it. I got the slow-flow nipple and it still comes out way too fast for her...I'm hoping she'll like it within the next few months. She does like the Nuk ones though, much slower flow.
    I didn't give DD a bottle until she hit 1 month old and I've only tried it twice. She only drinks about an ounce and is done with it and wants to nurse. I figured I would just take my time with it. I think that once you have established good breastfeeding and your LO is getting the hang of it, they won't prefer a bottle to mommy.
  • I have used the tommee tippee bottles since day3 due to severe nipple cracks and bleeding. My dd loves them and stil ebf on nights and weekends when I am home w/her


    I was terrified she would not come back to the breat after a week of bottles of bm. But she did and now still have to bottle feed bm during the day since I work, but she does great bf at night and weekends

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  • Every baby is different, of course. I waited 3 weeks and DS fusses every time I try to give him a bottle or pacifier. He's starting to suck on his hands! I'm worried about the opposite - he sees my boobs as pacifiers. If he's a good eater, I don't think you have anything to worry about.

    And the only bottles DS will take are the Adiri or Born Free. I think the nipple in the Tommee is too long. I also heard the Breastflow bottles work well too. 

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  • As long as you are primarily BFing you shouldn't have issues with LO prefering bottles. We started at 2 weeks with DS and he does great but still prefers BFing (so do I). I have no advice specifically on the Tommee Tipee because I use Born Free.
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