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speaking of avoiding pg coworkers

yikes, so i'm sitting at my desk and a coworker comes to sit with me to chat about something. she's my mom's age and all of her kids are my age- and having tons of babies. then pg coworker #2 comes over to join in and all of a sudden the entire conversation is about babies/pg. her 20 week appt is friday..she gets to see the ultrasound and all the little hands/toes/whatevers- it makes it so much more real...she's feeling good but getting big and uncomfortable sitting down, blah blah blah....UGH. I literally had to excuse myself and climb in between them to get out of my office. Then had to stay away (from my own desk!) until they had cleared out.

I guess people just love to talk about pregnancy and babies but wow, this is such a sensitivity check to me -- someday, when it is my turn, I vow NOT to only ever talk about pregnancy and babies- I mean, seriously, apparently it is completely consuming.

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Re: speaking of avoiding pg coworkers

  • I managed to make it through four pregnancies (two healthy children) without discussing my pregnancy and/or babies every second of every day.  I especially didn't spend all those months rubbing my belly (like the co-worker who sits next to me does).  Unfortunately, there are many, many, many women for whom this becomes all consuming.  I honestly think that they thrive on all the attention.  For me, my children are important and the loves of my life, but I am my own person and my entire world does not revolve around them.

    I feel your pain and trust me, having been through what you've been through, you will be far more sensitive than most.

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