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XP from 0-3: giving up dairy

I EBF and DD is VERY gassy, most of the time Mylecon only offers minimal relief. Pedi suggested today cutting out dairy to see if she's sensitive (i know i was as a baby, so there's reason to be suspicious).

 My question is this, it seems like EVERYTHING has dairy in it. For those of you who have given it up, what do you eat? I feel like i'm going to be stuck eating crackers and juice for the next 10 1/2 months! Thanks :)

Re: XP from 0-3: giving up dairy

  • You may not have to cut out all dairy - just the more obvious forms.  When I had dairy Drew would break out in a little rash (just like I did when I was a baby).  I cut out milk, cheese, ice cream, yogurt, etc and it was fine.  I could eat things with 'hidden dairy' no problem.  I could even eat things cooked with milk in them (usually baked goods). 

    I've been able to add back in almost all dairy at this point. 

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  • I eat lots of meat and fruits and veggies.  I eat cereal with vanilla almond milk every morning for breakfast, then a chicken salad or sandwich for lunch and a meat and vegetable for dinner.  I have also found a vegan butter substitute that I use on potatoes.  I have been off of dairy for 6 weeks (because of DS's reflux) and I am finding more and more foods that I can eat.



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  • I just went dairy/soy free last week.  It was tough to think of not having cheese again for a long while but honestly it hasn't been bad at all, I may keep most sources of dairy out long term.  The big thing is cooking from scratch is best.  Lots of fruit and veggies in my diet.  Usually, I have oatmeal or eggs for breakfast.  Lunch I often have a sandwich - using avocado instead of cheese or butter.  Dinner, I just have to tweak regular recipes a bit.  I found a ton of websites with recipes and information on this diet. You'd be amazed at how much you actually can eat, just need to modify the recipes a bit.  Oh, and almond milk is really good so I use that in baking.  Email me ([email protected]) if you want a list of the ones I've found helpful. GL!
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