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Nats game with stroller?

Anyone been to a game?  Advisable to bring the stroller along?  We'd have to metro in, so I'd like to have the stroller. 


Re: Nats game with stroller?

  • I took my little guy when he was around 9 1/2 months and we took a small umbrella stroller ($30 at BRU).  you have to check large strollers at guest services, but can fold up a small umbrella stroller and throw in under the seats.  was deinitely worth in in my opinion.  we even let him nap in the stroller setting it upright in the area for the seats next to use (nobody was in the 4 seats next to us), but later got told by an usher we weren't supposed to do that next time.  opps!
  • We use the Ergo when we go, even with the metro.  We brought BOB once but we were in the Presidents Suites and could bring the stroller into the suite.  It just makes me nervous to check my expensive stroller.  I think a cheap umbrella is the way to go if you want to bring one.   
  • I haven't taken Warner to the Nats stadium but we've taken him to Camden yards twice. Their rule is that only small umbrella strollers can be taken into the stands. Anything bigger needs to be left at the guest relations office.

    The first time we went (last spring when he was only 6 weeks old) we took the City Mini with the car seat and left it at the guest relations. But when we went just a couple weeks ago we took our cheapo umbrella stroller and just folded it down and tucked it under our seats. It worked great.

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