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Low Supply Makes me Angry

For some reason as of late, I am really angry because of my low supply.  Of course, there is no one to be angry at so it's really frustrating.  I just have lots of anger inside and I keep thinking "it's not fair!" Again, not that this type of thinking does any good.  I guess I just wondered if anyone else has these feelings? It would be easier if I could be mad at someone.  For a while I was mad at myself but I've finally realized it's out of my control and no reason to be angry with me, I'm absolutely giving it my best. 

Re: Low Supply Makes me Angry

  • I am too.  For me it's just one more thing in a long line of bumps in the road since early in my pregnancy.  Once I brought my baby home from the NICU I thought everything was finally fine and here I am not able to do what women's bodies are supposed to do...feed their babies. 
  • I have some anger, but mostly at the people who make me feel like I am starving DD, even though she is gaining weight and certainly not skin and bones.

    I don't think I have as low a supply as some, and I guess it's really jealousy and not anger when I hear people boast of their pumping prowess....but it still makes me mad that I'm not as good a producer as others.

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  • I've been through all the emotions you associate with mourning ?--- denial, anger, depression etc.
  • I feel exactly the same way - like my body is  failing me
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