Babies on the Brain

I go to San Diego for 72 hours and miss everything!

Sneaking on for a second while DH is in the shower. We head home later today- we've had a good time, but are ready for some sun (it's been overcast the whole trip.) 

Huge Congrats, Smiles and H&H 9 months to TW (SNEAKY!), Staycee, Mags and MrsM (yay for behaving Betas!) - and anyone else I missed! (were there more?)

Jen and Ohashlet- Massive hugs ladies.

Jen I am wishing and hoping A&B are so snuggled in they don't make an appearance until they are fully cooked. I can't imagine the conflicting feelings. Prayers for sweet Baby C.

Ohashlet- I am so saddened to see your news. I hope that the next months are as peaceful as can be, and your LO is in my thoughts and prayers as well.


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