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? for moms of older babies and/or 2nd timers

So, I was sick last week (stomach flu) and didn't eat much all week.  Not surprisingly, my supply seemed to drop (I pump while at work).  However, I have been fine and eating/drinking normally since this weekend and the amount I am getting when I pump still hasn't come back up.  DD seems satisfied when she nurses and hasn't been eating much while I am at work but she's had a fever and not felt good since Monday so I am not surprised she isn't eating much.

So here's my question, do you think the dip in supply is due to DD getting older and needing less milk (she's up to 2 solid meals/day) or do you think it's still from being sick and I need to do something to bring my supply back up?  I'm getting probably 3 to 4 ounces less per day than I was.  Was is this abrupt when your LO starting drinking less? TIA

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  • I got a really nasty bout of food poisoning when DS was about 6.5 months old and it really affected my supply.  DS seemed fussy at the breast and even when it was finally over, it took a couple of weeks for my pumping to rebound.  I think what you're doing plus time is what it will take.  Nurse as often as you can when you are with your LO.

    ETA: My DS was eating 2 solid meals a day at that point, too.

  • I think the dip in your supply is b/c you were sick.  My girls always took the same amount of milk even when on solids so I would probably try to get my supply back up or I'd make up for the shortage at work by pumping once before bed and on weekends.
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  • I've yet to notice an abrupt drop in my milk (although I haven't pumped in 9 months probably).  I'd say you are just rebounding from being sick.  I'd offer  nursing more often if your DD isn't feeling well - the frequency should help your supply and is good for her if she is sick.
  • Ditto all the others -- the dip is most likely from you being sick.

    I was sick around six months and I had to add in two pump sessions a day in order to pull my supply back to its previous level. Nursing alone didn't seem to do the trick.

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