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Newbie Expecting a Newbie!!!

Hello all!  I got my BFP yesterday afternoon! I'm sooo exciting and still quite shocked. Looking forward to this journey together!  Have my first appointment schedule for July 15.

I want to know how everyone told their significant other! Dish girlies!

Re: Newbie Expecting a Newbie!!!

  • Welcome! I guess I am kinda boring cuz all I said was that AF hadn't shown up yet so I was gonna take a test. I took the test and told him the results...I know...boring. I will get a little more inventive when we tell parents.
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  • First of all welcome and congrats!

    I got my BFP one week ago and I got a bottle and pacifier along with the positive test and gave them to my DH. I gave my parents each a bib and one to his mom. We gave his dad a book he used to read DH every night and wrote a note telling "Grandpa" to start practicing. It was super cute!

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  • Congrats and welcome :) H&H 9 months to you!

    Mine wasn't very original but thought it would be fun. Once I got my BFP (DH was still sleeping) I went to the kitchen and put a bun in our oven. As DH was waking up I told him there was something in the oven for him. He got super excited thinking I made him breakfast, instead he opened the door to a bun. I heard him say "A bun, oh, thanks". I then smiled at him hoping he'd put two and two together, but no go. I ended up having to say "I have a XXX in the XXX", he got it after that and smiled :) We are both trying not to get too excited but it's hard not to!

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  • Hello!  Congrats and welcome!  I was scared at first so I just told him but then gave me a onesie that says "Daddy's Co-Pilot"  since he loves to fly as a hobby :)


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  • Congrats on your BFP! I always wanted to tell my DH in some cute or original way. When the time came, I tested in the morning, woke him up, and made sure he was seeing the two lines too! There was no way I could wait for even a few minutes! We will think of something more exciting to tell our families!

  • Congrats! I didn't do anything excited. POAS when I got up and then woke DH up and said I have something to show you. He looked and it and asked "is that a yes?" and I said yes. Then he got this goofy sheepish grin on his face and rubbed my tummy.


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  • Congrats! I'm a newbie too! When I took my test, my DH didn't know. He was in the living room watching TV. I got my cell phone and took a picture of the positive test. I went back to the living room and sent it to him with the message "present in the potty!"  He took off running down the hall and yelled "YOU'RE PREGNANT!!"  He was so happy.  A few days later, I went to the store and got him a 'worlds greatest dad' tshirt to wear to my mom's house (since it was just after fathers day, it was only a buck)!  I told my mom that DH was bringing her in a present from the car, and that he had to bring it because it was huge!  Once she realized what was going on, she screamed and cried and hugged us!  It was great.
  • Congrats!

    DH is actually the one that said can you take a test just to entertain me.  So as soon as it had 2 lines I took it to him crying! 

  • We've been TTC for months now and DH knew I was testing that morning.  After I saw the second line I barreled out of the bathroom and jumped on the bed.  He said "Positive huh?"  haha
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