Pregnant after IF

if you had an u/s at 10-11 weeks

what were you able to see?

Do they go from gummy bears to babies, or are the still looking like bears? 


Re: if you had an u/s at 10-11 weeks

  • This was one of my favorites! 


    Daycare is SO exhausting!
  • Since my last one was at 9w I can't answer from experience, but I have become obsessed with Googling u/s pictures for however far along I am - "10w6d ultrasound" and then I click on Images - it's neat to see all the pics of what your LO(s) probably look like now even if you can't have your own pic for that week!
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  • in between, but definitely more baby like by 11wks - 12wks for nT scan.
  • imageJGirl2005:
    in between, but definitely more baby like by 11wks - 12wks for nT scan.
    This. We could see the limbs of the babies moving around which was pretty cool.
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  • this is my 10w0d picture.


    But we really liked this website. check it out. Pictures from ultrasounds alll during 1st tri:



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  • LCB34LCB34 member
    If you look at my Baby B album on FB - the very first picture was taken at 11 weeks.  She looked like a baby and was sucking her thumb!
  • At 11 weeks, the baby was wiggling arms, legs, and would flip from a front view to a butt view.  I described the baby to DH as a "breakdancing maniac."  Very cute!
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  • B and C looked more like babies than bears at mu u/s yesterday. There looked like there was some serious fist pumping going on too.
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  • i had one at 11 it was so cute!  could see hands and fingers starting to form and all kinds of stuff...i have pics on my blog
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  • I had one at 10 weeks last week. The babies were flailing around and you could see the limbs beginning to form. As I already told you, one even kicked the other in the head.
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