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I'm *pretty* sure I'm almost done bleeding from this m/c. I wasn't very far along when it happened, probably about 5-6weeks, so is it normal that I really only bled for 4 days? Before and after that 4 days I've been spotting only. Today, I hardly have anything.

I guess I'm just freaked out that I might not have passed everything. I called my doctor about an ultrasound and said it was unnecessary because she's going to check my levels in a week and a half. If the levels haven't gone down, she's going to do an ultrasound and check everything out. Last time I had a beta, it was a 34, so it was already pretty low.

So for those of you that had early miscarriages like mine, how long did you bleed for?

(I'm really excited to stop bleeding so I can jump my DH! with a condom of course.....hahaha sorry TMI) Hope everyone is having a wonderful morning! :)


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Re: bleeding Q's

  • I was a little farther along than you. I started bleeding a week and a half ago. The actual miscarriage was last Thursday. And today so far is the first day I haven't even spotted, so for me it was about 10 days total. I'm hoping mine has stopped completely today, bleeding is just a constant reminder of this whole awful situation.
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  • I miscarried at 7 weeks.  Mine lasted about four days Sun-Wed.  And I spotted here and there through the weekend.  BTW I went to emergency room on Wednesday because I was in so much pain.  Found out there that a piece of tissue was stuck and that was causing the super-intense cramping.   Also, my HCG levels were still in the 100s. 

    They ended up doing an u/s in the er to confirm everything was gone. But my ob had told me as the miscarriage was starting that I should watch for super-intense cramping or fever as a sign that not everything had cleared. 

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  • I had two very early losses, and bled at same amount of time as a normal period.  It was a little bit heavier and with more intense cramps, but they were both under 5 weeks, so it was probably more like a normal period because it was so early.  
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  • I had bleeding for about 12 days total. It completely stopped yesterday. I was somewhere between 6 weeks to maybe 5 1/2. I started spotting that is when I went to the doctor. She put me on bedrest for a week then came back for ultrasound. That is when they confirmed I had lost the baby. I spotted for first few days and then last couple days and in the middle was heavy period and tissue. Tommorow I have u/s to confirm everything passed otherwise a D/C for me. I hope everything has passed for you different people bodies due different things.

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