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Strength training

I've been walking for a while but I've decided to add some strength training for my arms and back. I know I'll need the extra toning once baby gets here. I'm also going to work on my hips and legs more. I'm just going to take it slow and leave out the ab workouts. I don't want to push it. My MIL is a midwife and she told me I can do pretty much whatever I want so long as I stay cool, hydrated, keep my heartrate low and avoid abs. What are you doing to get in shape for baby? Are you working out like normal, just starting, not working out or what?
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Re: Strength training

  • I usually strength train twice a week but have been so nauseatesd and have shortness of breath that I stopped.  I hope to pick back up again next week!  Good luck with yours :)
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  • I'm not sure if I'm going to do very much, my Dr told me no more baseball or river kayaking during this pregnancy, so I'll probably just enjoy walks with my dogs :) Hope I don't gain to much weight....just have to be a little more strict on my eating habits!
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