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I'm just waiting for my mom to see my blog post today and call and blast me for cutting Wyatt's hair...hahaha....look for yourself and tell me I'm not an awful momma for cutting his hair so early!! I didn't want to but it was getting too the top part was still growing longer and the sides were falling out...horrible natural mohawk gone bad. It took my half an hour to get up the nerve to actually cut his hair....but I am really happy I did it.

Re: haircut

  • you are not a horrible mom.  we took Nic to get his first haircut at 4 months.  His hair was crazy.  We've had 5 haircuts in his short life. 
  • She'll get over it! She was mentioning that he had a mohawk recently, so maybe she'll like him sans mohawk.

    I like it!

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