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Need some ideas..soon to be part time SAHM

I'm going part time next week... I'll have Grady 3 days a week. I think the key to keeping my sanity will be to keep us busy.  This is what I know we can do... story time @ library, movies (they are $2/person), pool.... What are some other (cheap) things we can do to keep this fun for both of us. I'm a bit nervous but in the big picture this is what is best for us at this time. We have some other things going on that will occupy our time but I need ideas to keep him entertained.  Remember I live in bfe so I'm a bit limited on what we can and can't do.  TIA!

Re: Need some ideas..soon to be part time SAHM

  • See my post below, "we're bored!"

    I hope you enjoy your time home with Grady, it really can be awesome but very trying sometimes! :)

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  • I love being a PT SAHM, even if I technically am "working" when I am home. I am home M and W mornings and all day Fridays. Normally on M and W we just hang out at home (watch TV, color, play) or we will go for walks to the park (across the street from my neighborhood). On Fridays we get together with friends and go to the pool. Do you have any friends that are SAHMs? That has been really helpful for me, to get together with some friends and let the kids play and chat with them. We don't have a whole lot to do here either, but I never really get bored when I am home with Ashley. I think working PT/SAH PT is the perfect mix (for me personally). Best of luck!!
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