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I remember that you posted a while ago some questions for me and I didn't respond. I asked DH his thoughts and he had no ideas. So I am sorry that we weren't more of a help. I don't even know where we will be able to watch fireworks esp. since G goes to bed at 8.

But I did think of something that you might find fun...

There is a Hanna Andersen  in Kittery, ME just over the NH border. You might want to stop there on your way to or from Boston. They have really cute stuff and the PJ's are supposed to be great. They are also chemical free.

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Re: **MrsHark**

  • thanks for the update!

    i got an e-mail from the lady that we rented the house from she let me know that the weather will be great and that we should be able to see the Booth Bay fireworks from the deck of our house! which is nice in that we don't have to go to Booth Bay and drive back after the fireworks (if we chose to go for that)

    hopefully i can check out that store you suggested

    not sure if i mentioned this to you or not, but, the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens is haveing the grand opening of the Childrens Garden on the 8th- and it's free that day. it looks really cool. i'm guessing it'll probably be mobbed that day but i'm hoping we can get there. i'm looking forward to taking some pics there


    we're all half packed and counting the hours till we leave!



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