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I saw on the Nestie board that you're going to Maine - we are going this summer, with DS! Are you taking the kid too?

Also, right after I last vented about DS's 5 am wakeup call, he started pushing it back on his own. For the past couple of weeks he's been waking up around 6:30. Ah, bliss, and no sleep training necessary. I think my new answer is to complain on the Nest and see what happens. 

Hope you've had similar luck!


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Re: *tom&court*

  • Where are you going in Maine? When are you heading up? We go every summer to this island off the coast of Rockland - this year is a big family reunion in August. We're taking DS (driving) - should be an adventure . . .

    Glad to hear he's sleeping better! J is sleeping better too. Yesterday he slept until 7:30! I have no idea why, either. But I was reading the other day that there's a 9 month sleep regression and maybe this was how it manifested . . . glad it worked itself out. I think the nest-post method works a lot. Um, have I mentioned that DS is still waking up once a night? Hello, nest gods?

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  • We'll be further south near Portsmouth in mid-August, also to see family. We're flying, taking the PnP and stroller, trying to figure out what to do for a high chair (we don't want to lug one) and toys, since DS loves things that light up, make sounds, and are heavy.

    Ehh, I don't think driving is that bad - we have to do long-haul distances for the holidays. I think it's easier to stop when you want and no TSA.

    And good luck with the night wakeups - I hope the nest gods hear your request!!!

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