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pumping really uneven

My right boob has been producing less than lefty for awhile now.  It has recently gotten more drastic.  I just pumped 6 ozs from left and just under 2 on the right.  Am I drying up on one side?  I have always had problems on my right side.  I had tons of clogged ducts on this side early on and more recently I have had a small spot on the nipple that has been kind of scabbed over.  There is a tiny red dot that looks like a scab.  I try to put lanolin on it all the time to work that spot out but it doesn't work.

Is there any need to worry?  Overall I am pumping plenty for DD so I assume I should just accept my lopsidedness! :)

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Re: pumping really uneven

  • I would think the most important thing would to continue pumping--don't give up on that side. if you wanted to increase your supply you could do some power pumping but imo, if you are producing enough for LO then I wouldn't think it's really a big deal.
  • I think a lot of people have this issue.  Like pp said, the main thing is that you're producing enough for lo.  Just make sure you don't "favor"  the good side, because that could make the other side produce even less.
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  • I find this aswell. I can express twice as much from my left side compared to the right! My LO doesn't seem to have any problems feeding from either side though xx
  • same here.. lefty (or has DH calls it Mickey) produces usually at least twice as much as righty (aka Minnie)..

    My guru LC told me since I am right handed, the muscles in my right arm affect my milk from that side, I guess with the ducts and all that on the inside, but I too am over all still producing enough when I pump at work since DS has 5oz in his bottles, in my 1st am session I can get up to 8oz!!!  Moooooooooo Stick out tongue

  • I pump double the amount on my leftie as I do on my rightie.  I think it's very common as I posted this same question awhile back when I first came back to work and noticed this.  DD seems satisfied no matter what side she feeds off (remember your LO is most efficient for expressing milk) and I'm pumping enough at work to feed her and then some the next day, so I'm not worried about it anymore.
    ~DD born 3-25-10~DS born 6-5-12~
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  • This moning I pumped 5 oz on my left and 2 oz on my right. Two weeks ago I pumped more on my right and less on my left. I don't get it.

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