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We braved the Taste of Chicago with 2 kiddos.  It was a lot of fun.  We went on Tuesday morning so it was not super crowded and we brought a big blanket.  We found some shade and let the kids play on the blanket and we took turns going to get food.  My kids loved it.
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  • Wow, *very* brave! : )  I hate crowds and summer so I won't be going to this anytime soon... but when/if we do, it's definitely gotta be on a weekday like you said.

    your siggy pics are great!!

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  • Fun!  I think that's great that you found a spot and just let the kids play.  I feel like a lot of kids look miserable sitting in their stroller and being pushed through all the crowds.

    I wish I could convince DH to go, but he's not a crowd person (boo!).  Hmm, maybe I'll see if my mom wants to go sometime this week still. 

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