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more on procrastinating - or not!

Ah, I see how this works. I just didn't procrastinate!

DH had left the out-of-the-dryer sheets on the bed (he doesn't fold them "right" ;) - he knows better than to try!) and when I got out of the shower, i folded them.  Typically, I would have gone on about my evening and then folded them right before we were heading to bed.  But I didn't.  And now I don't have to fold the sheets before I go to bed.  

I'm getting it!

Re: more on procrastinating - or not!

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    BFab11BFab11 member
    Not procrastinate? What is this craziness you speak of?
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    Not procrastinate? What is this craziness you speak of?

    LOL.  It was kind of cool, but I don't think I am going to make a habit out of it or anything. 

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    A-ha! I too, have had this enlightenment. I used to let the clean laundry pile up because I dreaded folding it... now I do it as soon as I get it out of the dryer and it's sooo much nicer! I don't have to worry about it sitting on the bed and accumulating for me to fold when I'm tired and ready to sleep.
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    See, I've been trying that too!  I do really good when the house starts out clean, we just held my niece's baptism dinner here on Sunday.  Since then I fold the laundry right away, the dirty dishes go straight in the dishwasher and I've been a sweeping freak.  However, there will be that one day where I get swept up in paperwork, I'll start my piles and it'll slowly go downward.  Then I'll need someone around to slap my hand and say, "No!" , lol.
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