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I bought my first onesie.

Actually, I bought a 7 pack of neutral ones.  They were 40% off and I thought they were really cute.  Anybody else get one yet? :) 

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Re: I bought my first onesie.

  • Bought DH a Washington Redskins onesie and gave to him on Father's day when I told him I was pregnant. It came with a bib and has football written on the butt. Too cute! I don't think I'll buy anything else though. The urge to buy cute baby stuff just hasn't hit me.
  • Guilty... I did yesterday! My hubby and I stopped at the Gymboree Sale and there was the cutest gender neutral monkey onesie we bought. lol I am glad I am not the only one :)



  • I haven't bought anything yet, but I did get my first baby gift.  My uber-organized best friend had been saving a cuddly polka dot blankie.  So cute!
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  • No onesies yet, but we've had a pair of Mississippi State Bulldogs booties for years!
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  • My husband loves to fly and he is a private pilot (meaning he flies as a hobby)....so for Father's Day I bought him a onesie that said "Daddy's Co-Pilot"  to tell him I was pregnant! 

    I'm glad I haven't been the only one too :)

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  • As much as I want to buy a super cute onesie, I've decided to hold off until closer to 2nd tri. Maybe I'll let myself after our first u/s (july 21st) and we see that things are looking good. It's so hard to resist!
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  • I'm trying to hold off buying stuff like that until I know the sex of the baby. I don't want all neutral stuff. I have however bought a bottle, a couple of pacifiers and few bibs, but they were all for telling DH and parents we're expecting. I will start buying diapers, wipes, bath stuff etc pretty soon though.
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  • I bet if I'm at a store and there are baby things (basics like onesies) on sale I'll probably pick them up. Haven't yet though.


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  • I haven't bought anything yet and I probably won't unless a) we find out this one is a girl or b) it's boy and it's time to do his nursery (which we won't do until we move into a new house).

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  • I totally caved and bought a pack of plain onesies this week.  They were 40% off too. But I promised DH that I'd wait to buy more until we're sure we've got a sticky LO or we know the sex.  Won't keep me from looking though!
  • I haven't bought anything yet- I feel like I'm going to jinx it. Plus, we don't really have a place to put anything right now because our guest room is occupied by a friend who is staying with us this summer.
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