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what kind do you use?  We were told by the pedi that now that DS is 6 months we don't have to use the super expensive california baby anymore and can use any of the baby sunscreens/sun blocks.....



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  • We're still using the expensive California Baby stuff.  I love it and after having checked out this website,, I will continue to use it.  I also use their shampoo/body wash, conditioner and lotion.
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  • I use California Baby on DD and me.


  • We used Mustela all over DD for a long time in fact, we still use it on her face and she's 4 1/2 y/o because the other stuff runs in her eyes and stings it. It's not cheap but totally worth it.

    I would still use the exensive stuff for a while because their skin is so sensitive and the othe stuff has so much crap in it.

    We use Californina Baby for her bath because it doesn't have all the extra stuff in it.

  • We use California Baby. 

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  • California Baby, there's too much crap in the other stuff to ever switch.  I just wish it came in higher than 30 SPF.
  • We've always used Blue Lizard.
  • thanks for that website.  I will stick with my california baby for now but as he gets a bit older it looks like coppertone waterbabies is only got a 3 because of possible allergies to it not because of not protecting against the sun...we'll see as he gets a bit older.....i had no idea there were so many "bad" sunscreens!!!


    thanks ladies 

  • Thanks for posting that website. I, like PP, had no idea there were bad sunscreens!
  • We use Aveeno baby and DS (who was sensitive skin) hasn't had any problems with it.

    ETA: But apparently it might be making him sterile! Or something. 

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  • We're also California Baby converts. It's annoying because it's pricey and it doesn't rub in very well, but it's one less thing to worry about. I also keep a Neutrogena stick in the diaper bag. I would use any on the EWG list, if I could find them easier or cheaper.
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  • We use Aveeno.

    Re. SPF, it doesn't matter over 30 what the SPF says, the protection is not x times better, it is only marginal.  There was just an article on this recently (can't remember where, pregnancy brain) and it was talking about how it is mostly marketing to use the higher numbers since the afforded protection is not there.

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