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Details of the Dallas Meeting

Some of you asked how the meeting came up, what we did, etc. I am sorry it's taken me this long to give the details! I was so eager to put up pics then got busy.

Kari had planned on coming in town for a while to meet with the surgeon re: Robby's surgery. Since it was such a quick trip, she didn't think she'd have time to see me. A week before, she emailed me and said she could make it for breakfast on Friday morning. I called Shelley, who has been planning on coming to Dallas for a while, and asked if she'd join us. Then I called Alyson (we've been trying to meet up for a while) and it worked out that we could all have breakfast on Friday before Kari, Robby and DH had to drive back up North.

Shelley and Jack came in on Thursday night around 9pm. We went to my mom's house and had a drink, woke up Jace Stick out tongue, and talked for a while. Then we got up Friday morning and went to meet Kari, Robby, DH and Alyson, Miller and DH. We had a great, fun breakfast at an awesome little restaurant with a yummy menu.

That night, my DH came out and took me, Shelley, and the boys to dinner. We had a lot of fun at one of our fave restaurants. We then headed back to my mom's for a few drinks before DH went home. We watched a movie (can't even remember what it was) then I crashed at 10. Jack fell asleep on my stepdad's lap. It was very sweet.

We woke up the next morning, fed the boys then took Shelley and Jack to the airport. It was a really quick trip.

Shelley is so much fun. She's so easy going and easy to talk to. She's funny, perky and probably thinks I sleep too much. Embarrassed She looks awesome! I didn't ask her to show me her tummy but next time I will. lol Jack is, in a word, amazing. He is soooooo calm, cool and collected. He's absolutely adorable and so low-maintenance. I truly think Jace freaked him out with all of his vocals.

Alyson has a really sweet demeanor (and an awesome, well-earned wardrobe). She's very friendly and has the funniest husband. He's seriously a riot. Miller is absolutely adorable and slept through most of breakfast. He was wearing cute little sandals that kept wanting to come off. I can't wait to see him again.

Kari has such a sweet spirit. She sends the funniest text messages. She was so happy to learn that CVS here sells water for $2.74 a 24-pack. She's smart, upbeat and really positive. Her DH is kind of quiet (who could get a word in edgewise, though?) and really cute. Robby is adorable. He's another very easy baby. He sat in his stroller playing with his feet for a long time.

Anyway, if you ever get a chance to meet any of these amazing moms, I'd highly recommend it. I feel my life is fuller and richer having these ladies as friends. There are so many more of you I want to meet. I hope we can plan the pa35 get together sometime this year!

Re: Details of the Dallas Meeting

  • I am so glad you all had such a great time! I really hope that H and I can meet all of you someday also!
  • I love that you guys got the chance to hang out!  It makes me almost wish I were moving to Texas instead of California...  :)
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  • thats so sweet! thanks for the info!
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    I love that you guys got the chance to hang out!  It makes me almost wish I were moving to Texas instead of California...  :)

    Hey now, there are some pretty cool chicks here in Cali too.Wink

     And I'm so glad you guys all got to meet and had such an awesome time together.

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  • That is great! Sounds like you all hit it off. That's great that the DH could meet too.

    $2.74 for 24 bottles of water?! You'll have to ship them out here. LOL

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