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FWIW, I'm woman enough to say -

If you were offended with my ORIGINAL cupcake commentary involving Jesus, for THAT I'm sorry. I don't set out to offend those people who don't share my feelings on religion, even if that is the end result of my words.

This isn't because of the whole posting shiitstorm.  There are a couple ladies that I'm actually friends with who told me that they were offended, too, and that makes me sad.  So I can admit when I say something thoughtless.  But I'm not sorry that I said I COULD have been more offensive, because it's just the truth.  Outrageous runs deep in my veins. 

And with that, it's just about go home o'clock. 

Re: FWIW, I'm woman enough to say -

  • Meh, I can see how people were offended by that comment. But whatever, I see stuff here every day that could be deemed offensive.

    Like someone calling someone else uppity.

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  • I had no idea cupcakes were so controversial.
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  • Ahhhh it's all good. I had a good time reading it when I got back from lunch. I wasn't offended, maybe shocked, but still, it's ok. 

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  • I'm not sure how you didn't realize that was extremely offensive, but thanks for the apology.
  • Sulfa, I don't want to start a whole new religious thing here... but it's the same way that people don't realize that it can be offensive to tell a non-believer that God will provide or whatever. It just doesn't always occur to me that I'm in the minority with my beliefs, or lack thereof. Hence my sincere apology for the offense. Really.
  • FK,

    At first I kind of laughed, then I was shocked and ended up slightly offended... but no more so than seeing GD posted in a title, OMFG, Jesus Christ, etc.

    I really feel that your appology was sincere and I thank you for that.

  • I got a kick out of it but I could see why it would be offensive to some. I am now craving cupcakes though, so thanks a lot. Stick out tongue
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  • BeabsBeabs member

    I'm sorry I missed the whole thing go down. I can't say I was offended by what you said. It's not something that I would say, but why should that matter.

    I may be making cupcakes tonight now, so thanks for that though!

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  • i remember the day when jizz made people vomit. 
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