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Prenatal Vitamins

I read that you should start your prenatal vitamins two months ahead of time, so I'm starting this week.  I'm concerned about lead in the vitamins does anyone have any suggestions as to which brand doesn't contain any?  Is two months not enough time for prenatal vitamins, I see some people have started quite early.  We wanted start trying in the fall.Big Smile

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  • I take generic Target brand. When I was pregnant my doctor said that those were fine. I still take them even though we are not TTC and Iam not pregnant. They are totally fine to take when not pregnant.
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  • Some doctors say to be on PNV for 6 months before TTC.  It never hurts to start them early.  I have never heard of lead in a PNV.  If you are concerned about that have your MD write you a rx for PNV.  None of the prescripton PNV have lead.

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  • I only took them for about two months before TTC. My doctor suggested that I start taking them since I was not taking a vitamin in case I got pregnant.  She did not tell me that I needed to be on them for specific time period befoer TTC. 
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