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Empathy for DD

We had a really rough weekend.  DD wasn't feeling well, she wasn't eating - she was sneezing on occasion and had a runny nose (clear).  I gave her medication at night to help her sleep and we had some popsicles to help with fluids and heat but I really wasn't sure if it was teething, cold or allergies.  Fast forward to last night, both DH and I came down with a cold that has a wicked bad sore throat.  Poor DD.  She must've really been suffering.  I can't wait till she has words to tell em how she feels.  Guessing is hard work.  

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  • Poor little one.  I can't wait for the same thing, but DS is only 7 months!  At least the popsicles probably made her throat feel better!
  • Awww, I know exactly how you feel.  DD was sick two weeks ago, and I just kept wondering what was hurting...her head, her throat, her gums?  It's so sad to not be able to ask them and get a real answer.  :(
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  • I took C in to the pedi about two weeks ago and he had a viral sore throat, which he said they were seeing a lot of lately. C gets very sad and quiet when he's sick, so it's usually easy to tell (I guess that's a good thing?). Now he's a crankopotamus and we're assuming it's the four teeth we can clearly see outlined on his upper gums.

    Hope you're little one is feeling better soon!

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  • image eeclem:

    Now he's a crankopotamus ...

    Word of the day!  Must incorporate that one into my vocab!!!

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  • Isn't that the worst!?  I wish babies came out talking so they could express themselves.  Poor baby.  :-(  I hope you all feel better soon.
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