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Oh no! I hate this episode of 'Birth Day'!

It's the one where this one lady goes through labor unmedicated and she looks PSYCHO while pushing!  seriously, it would scare just about anyone to watch!  

everyone reacts in their own way i guess! 

Re: Oh no! I hate this episode of 'Birth Day'!

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    It is my personal rule to never watch Birth Day. Baby Story & Bringing Home Baby are usually safe choices, but never Birth Day. That show scares me to death!
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    Bringing Home Baby is definitely my fav.  Focuses on the cute baby and the craziness the parents go through!
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    Oh I know! I had to change the channel, it was creeping me out! I think I need to stop watching these shows!
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    I watched yesterday and three different women had c-sections and they showed closeups of every cut they were making through each layer of tissue.  It was way too much for me!
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    kg_08kg_08 member
    She actually really annoyed me. I mean this is my first so I can't say for sure how I'll react, but I know I won't be screaming like she was.. she did seem psycho.
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