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I just have a question.

Hello. I don't have a child with special needs but my aunt now does. He is her 16 year old step son and he has fetal alcohol syndrome. He seems high functioning at times but other times he talks like a baby and acts out. His father picks on him and tells him to straighten up and to act your age. But I personally dont think that is possible and I want to give my aunt and her new SO some advice on how to handle him. Please if you have any information I am willing to read and research to get this child the proper care and attention he deserves after all it isnt his fault his mother was a alcoholic. Thank you in advance 

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  • I'm an Educational professional with lots of experience working with kids on the spectrum, and can recommend a book called Fantastic Antoine Succeeds. It's a great read. FASD is a pretty tricky diagnosis. Kids with FASD can have to deal with numerous issues including behaviour issues, cognitive issues, physical and social emotional development issues, etc. It is really, really important to make sure that both the child and his family have lots of support.

    In terms of more information, you could check out:





    As pp said, I'd also be careful about talking to your family about this. Delicacy and tact are two concepts sometimes missing from conversations about FASD. That said, they are lucky to have a supportive family member like you.  Good luck :) 

  • Thank you both for your advice i sent this conversation to my aunt she also says thank you. I really appreciate the help. I hope the advice and websites help her and her SO out with john. I cant say thank you enough.
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