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Nursing Bras in OKC

For those of you who have purchased (or are about to purchase) nursing bras in OKC, where did you go?  I went to Motherhood at Penn Square to get measured and they were WAYYYY off.  To add insult to injury, I didn't like the bra itself and it seemed next to impossible to latch/unlatch one or even two-handed. 

 Where have you all gone to get fitted or to purchase your bras? What kind of bra did you get? 

Re: Nursing Bras in OKC

  • I went to Motherhood with my daughter, and even being HUGE (like 40E) they still had quite a few to choose from, you couldn't find even 1 you liked?  I'm not sure where else to go. You might do a search online.
  • I went to Mimi Maternity before it became A Pea in the Pod at Penn.  I didn't get measured just because the girl in the store could barely use the register.

    I just tried on a couple once my milk came in and found one that was comfortable and fit good but also was easy to maneuver with just one hand.


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  • I went to motherhood and got measured and love my bras...I got 3 diffrent kind. The sports bra which is sooo freakin comfy, and the underwire and a nonunderwire. Maybe it was the girl that fitted you I would go back and tell them I got fitted and it just does not feel right and see if someone else can do it.
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