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Sleep study results- central apnea and questions?

Aiden's sleep study showed central apnea.  The ENT went over the results without much detail and referred Aiden to a pulmonologist. I am now reading the report and have questions.  I realize that some of these questions will need to be answered by the doctor.  

Sleep architecture:  How many arousals are typical for 10 month olds? He had 119 arousals (14.8/hour.) He was in stage N2 (light sleep) 51% of time- which is greater than normal for his age.  There was 25% in stage N3 sleep which is reduced slow wave sleep for his age.  What doest his mean?

Respiratory Events- overall AHI was 5.1/hour.  Total for the night he had 31 hypopneas and 10 central apneas.  

Anyone's LO have central sleep apnea?  What (if anything) was the treatment?  Did they find a cause?  Has it gotten better or have they grown out of it?  What should I expect at the pulmonologist appt?  



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Re: Sleep study results- central apnea and questions?

  • My son has central and obstructive sleep apnea. He is 18 months and has spina bifida. His central apnea is caused by something called Chiari malformation, and they dont usually do anything about it when they are young. My son sleeps with oxygen at night, that is the only treatment we have used so far.
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