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How are you? Getting close lady!!!! I miss your face on the bump!

Re: Josi?

  • Hey Girl!  Still around.. sort of :)  If I didn't know better I would swear I had been abducted by aliens because the last few weeks have gone by and I don't remember a damn thing LOL!!

    Doing well though!  C sect scheduled for Aug 16 so less than 7 weeks to go now.  It boggles my mind. 

    A better question would be how are YOU doing??  What's up with you having parts removed while gestating??  


  • I can not believe how far you are already!! How is DS with knowing he will be a big brother? Does he get it at all? Have you potty trained yet? I would love for Nolan to not be in diapers when newest baby comes, but not sure that he is ready in the least .

    I am doing alright. I was sent home the day after the surgery, and I am wondering if I was ready to come home. I know it is out patient usually, but I have two littles here, and I am pregnant.... I kind of think another day would have been better.

    I did not preset with classic appendicitis symptoms, so it was not totally suspected at first. It was inflamed and infected though. It is now starting to hit me the risks I put to the baby by having surgery, but my OB literally said, "if it is a bad appendix, and it ruptures, you will lose the baby"

    That was enough to convince me to let them do it.  Thanks for asking!

  • /butting in

    Excuse me ladies (especially josi) where are those belly pictures?! I clearly remember Mrs. Josi asking to see them before she was pregnant and not sharing any now that she is... so i'm waiting!
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  • Butting in as well! I miss you both Sad you need to pop in here more!!!! I'm so excited for you Josi!!!! August is just around the corner. FirstToGo I'm so glad that you got through everything okay. Please take it easy!!!
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  • DS is doing great with the whole deal.  He knows that his little sister is in there and is going to make an appearance pretty soon.  He cracks me up :)  He has a thing for little girl shoes LMAO!!  I got a huge box of hand me down girl stuff from a friend and he ran around with a tiny pair of pink flip flops for a good few hours!

    We are completely diaper free!!  WOOT!  We were diaper free during the day pretty quickly and then after a few weeks of dry morning diapers we stopped and he has done really well.  Only a couple of nighttime accidents but that's why waterproof mattress protectors were invented  :)

    Take it easy Girl.  Having your appendix removed is still surgery. 

    H4M - I had mat pics done  last week so as soon as I can get my butt into gear I will upload one or two.

    Fran - Love you too!!

  • Oh, it feels like a reunion! I can't believe both you and FTG are going to pop your LO's out so soon! Crazy town.

    Will be stalking SIF for belly pics...

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