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Advice-cesarean closure option/plastic surgeon

HI everyone,

Just learned today (31 weeks) that my Dr. believes that I will need a c-section.. I am 4'11" and petite, baby is normal size (whatever that means)... Before getting pregnant, I was a slim, fit 96lbs; I plan to get back or close to my original size or as close as possible and definitely plan to wear a bikini again.  So knowing this, I want to figure out the best way to get a good closure... do you suggest sutures or staples?  And has anyone had a plastic surgeon do your closure?  If so, did insurance cover?

 I will be delivering in Hackensack...

 Thanks for any feedback!




Re: Advice-cesarean closure option/plastic surgeon

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    Well.......  small women vaginally birth babies all the time.  You don't grow babies that you can't birth. My grandmother was a thin, tiny woman who even vaginally birthed a breech baby. Doctors LOVE c-sections though.  They are very doctor-friendly since they are scheduled (no getting up in the middle of the night for a woman in labor, 1 hour from start to finish).  I hate when doctors instill fear in women and tell them their bodies aren't capable of vaginal birth.

    If you really like your doctor though, chances are he will convince you need a c-section.  Ask for a double layer Vicryl suture with dissolvable sutures (no staples).  Most obs are fine at closing the incision. I never thought about asking a plastic surgeon to make the close since surgeons close incisions all the time, A plastic surgeon can clean it up later if you develop a keloid scar (raise bumpy scar). You might want to ask who will close you though since doctors often leave the surgery and let the residents close the incision.

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    Thanks for your advice. I actually got a 2nd opinion last night from my high-risk DR that consults (I also have a large fibroid they have been monitoring). He also felt a c-section was in order for me based on everything he has seen; so who am I to fight?

    I would like to have that moment of "the baby is coming" so maybe he will let me vs. being scheduled...  I can only ask, right?

    I will definitely ask who closes, I didn't even think about my Dr. leaving it up to someone else (ugh).

    Thanks again

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    something to consider. If you have a plastic surgeon close, it will definitely NOT be covered by insurance. Rarely is plastic surgery a medical necessity. Cosmetic surgery is not typically covered by insurance, and that is what it would be considered.
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    My doctor who did my c/s was a former plastic surgeon.  He did internal stitches.  Apparently it was something to see, as all the residents and student nurses were coming in to look at how neat my incision looked.
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