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F/U to ear piercing post

In case anyone is interested:  I called my ped (Capital Area Pediatrics in Falls Church) and they do it for kids 6 mths and older for $66.  They have the initial studs that are used for the piercing.  From what I read online otherwise, it sounds like going with a dr is the best option for little ones...the equipment that the places use in the mall is NOT sterilized and you really can't count on a high level of training or ability with most of the Claire's type places.  Anyway, looks like we'll have a little ear piercing party in another month or so...



Re: F/U to ear piercing post

  • Very exciting!  I think it's smart to go to the dr. to do it.  DH wanted to do DD #1's ears when she was a baby, but I was still undecided.  Let us know how it goes!
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