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CWC ladies - gtown, crazy and others - appt ?

I don't have my paperwork here and I'm trying to budget out my sick leave for my OB appts to see if I have any leeway to stay home the days i really feel like a$$.

It's every 4 weeks until 32 weeks, then every 2 until __? , then every week to delivery. Is that first one right? And can you fill in the blank on the 2nd?

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Re: CWC ladies - gtown, crazy and others - appt ?

  • I think you start going every week at 36 weeks (at least I did).  I don't have the paperwork right in front of me though.
  • I think it's every four until 36, then another at 38, then weekly. Once you hit your due date (if you haven't delivered) I'm not sure what happens but it's more often. Not entirely sure since I only made it to week 37.
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  • I went every 4 weeks until 28 weeks, and then I was going out of town at 32 weeks, so they scheduled me to come in at 31 weeks. I went back at 33 weeks, and they asked me to come in weekly after that. I'm not sure if that's normal or not, but at my 33 week appt., they decided to schedule a final growth u/s at 34 weeks and GBS test at 35 weeks. Then I have the standard weekly appointments from 36 weeks until the end.
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