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Justin....AKA Donald Trump :o)

He's starting to sport the Donald look.  We took him to get his hair cut a few weeks ago and he would not do it.  He screamed and cried.  We tried everything with him.  I honestly wanted to just sit him on my lap and hold him down, but I could tell the barber wouldn't have done that.  Darn it...ha!  Any suggestions?  He has had it done twice so far.   He cried both times but eventually calmed down enough to get it done. 

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Re: Justin....AKA Donald Trump :o)

  • this reminds me that I need to call my hairdresser and see if she can cut Evan's hair soon! He's starting to sport a baby mullet!

    Do you have anyone you know (and he knows) who could maybe come to your house and cut it? That way he'd feel more comfortable? Or have you taken him to one of those kids cut places where they sit in the cars or whatever and get strapped in? He might think it's fun?! Those people are probably used to screaming children too!

  • I took Evan to a kids cut place and had to hug him the whole time while he was strapped in and crying. He was not a fan. But we went and played with the train at the bookstore after so he recovered. I can cut his hair at home...but DH refuses to hold him down...which then caused me to clarify with DH that since he won't hold him I have to take him somewhere to hold him down myself - AND we have to pay for it? He said, "Yep, sorry".

    A kids place specializes in very fast cuts while the kids are screaming. I'd take him to one of those.

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  • OH - and when Evan's hair gets too long we call him Justin Bieber...I highly suggest you use that nickname too : )
  • Hair cuts for Tyler ar a nightmere!  And they never come out good.  He SCREAMS and cries and SCREAMS some more!  He kicks, pushes, throws his entire body around...  And that is on a good day.  He absolutely cannot stand his ears touched so his hair is never trimmed around his ears evenly, usually larg chunks.  I have tried many different hair places.  I have decided to stick with Snip-Its, even though it is expensive, because they seem to be the most used to it.  I have done both where I have held him on my lap and held him down, and where they have strapped him into the chair while I hold his arms and hands.  Occassionally, we get a third person to try to hold his head still. 

    If he cries and screams, you might want to try either a kids place, or a salon.  Women tend to be more understanding and patient with small kids.

  • We had the same screaming/crying/holding him down experiences for the first 4 cuts.  Then finally, this past cut, he still cried but it was sooo much better.  Thank goodness!  Hopefully it gets better for you ladies soon!
  • Thanks, girls!  I think I will check to see if Rochester has any kids' places.  At least they won't think I'm a horrible Mommy if I hold him down while he's screaming ;o)
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  • Have you tried Haircuts for Peanuts in Fairport?  We took Rosie there to trim up her mullet, and she was great.   They have tons of toys in the waiting area, and each station has its own TV with a selection of DVD's for the kids to watch.  When they're done, they can get a balloon.  Rosie just sat there and watched Elmo and they were done in a few minutes.
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