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How are you finding time to workout?

Everything I read really stresses how important it is to workout during my pregnancy. I'm just really having trouble finding the time. I keep getting told that I'm pregnant & I need to relax & not over exert myself. I try to walk a few times a week even for 20min. I've been doing yoga stretches at night to help with backaches & leg cramps. But sometimes it's difficult to fit it in. I work full time & once I get home I make dinner, eat, do dishes then sit for an hour before going to bed. I'm just looking to see what other ladies are doing to stay in shape while pg. Any tips or advice would be great. Thanks!!
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Re: How are you finding time to workout?

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    Its easy for me cause i commute into Boston on the T every day. So i get off at North Station and walk a mile to my work which is about a mile away. And i do it when i leave work to. It works for me because my DH works way in the heart of Boston and we ride into together. So i always have a good half hour to 45 minutes before i need to be at work. So i just use that time to get my two miles in for the day.
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    This is my first child, so I am lucky that I have a flexible schedule after I get off work and I can go straight to the gym and I do 45 min of cardio 4-6 times a week and I weight train 2-3 times a week. It works for me now but after the baby comes I will probably switch to mornings to get it out of the way since I will have to pick up LO right after work.
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    skyejoskyejo member

    I have found that waking up before work is the best time because if I wait until after work I can think of a million reasons why not to. It sucks to wake up early but I feel so energetic throughout the day if I get my workout in early. I'm planning on doing the same thing once the baby is here because I'm determined to get my pre-preg body back.

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    Ha ha, between work, a 2 year old, buying a house, selling our house I barely have time to pee let alone work out.  Do it now while you have the leisure time.

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    Most Saturdays, DH drags me along when he goes. Sometimes I attempt to go 1 other time during the week, sometimes I don't. I'm not too worried about it--yes I want to stay in shape, but I'm so dang exhausted that it just isn't happening.
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    I've tried to fit it in with activities that I'm going to do with DD anyway.

    For instance, if we walk to the park I'll take her stroller so that after she's tired of playing we can go for a long walk. She's happy to chill in the stroller after the park wears her out a little and I feel like I can get some exercise in.

    If that doesn't work out, I'll jump on the treadmill after she goes to bed. 

    DH and I have been trying to play tennis on the weekends too. 

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    DH and I get up at 5:30 in the morning and take 45 minute walks every day.  If we don't do it in the morning, it won't get done. I'm just too tired by the time I get home from work.  Not to mention it's like, 95 degrees in the afternoons.  Not exactly good weather for exercising.
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    I am lucky enough to have a gym at my work. So I do it on my lunch hour and just eat at my desk before I workout or after. They also have a DVD and tv so I put my prenatal DVDs in there. the gym is small and I am usually the only one in it.

    the weekends I go to the gym in the morning.


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    I used to be really bad pre-pregnancy about exercise, especially finding time for it. I got my SO and I into the routine of going for a walk at dusk, about 45 min after dinner each evening. We'll do two laps around our apt complex; it gives us time to enjoy each other and (oddly) wind down after a long day. ( I never thought saying exercise allows me to wind down lol). It has to be a conscious decision every evening though, because I'm naturally lazy. I know that's not good for baby to be that way, so every evening I say "Let's go now, before we find a reason not to." It's been working for us, so far. :)
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    Thanks ladies! I usually get in some 20min walks in the morning a few times a week & some prenatal yoga. DH works long hours & doesn't get home til late so walking together is out of the question. I think I just need to start dragging my butt out of bed earlier & getting some exercise in before the weather gets to hot.


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    During the week, I pack a gym bag and bring it with me.  My gym is on the way home, so I have no excuse not to go.  I'm also the primary meal-maker (DH also gets home relatively late), so I've tried to find good 30 minute meals with easy prep and cleanup.  On the weekends, it's easier, and DH and I usually go together on Saturday and Sunday.
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    I swim laps some days.  I usually go for the boring standard of exercise bike, low impact and good for endurance.  We have one that does "courses" so it changes resistances along the way and makes it less dull. I'm not allowed to teach taekwando classes anymore.  They're worried about me getting hurt, but I still go to one or two a week of the adult classes that the older people go to for stretching and low impact cardio.

    I also do a lot of yard work with the new house, and that's a work out.  It took me a week, but I have a nice flower garden going now.  The soil is very clay around here, and it took me about 2 hours to shovel up the dirt to loosen it.  Then I was hoeing in top soil till it was a good texture another 2 hours the next day.  2-3 hours another couple days was digging and setting up my brick wall around it.  And then I spent Sunday planting flowers for most of the day.

    This week when it doesn't rain is working on getting the stones out of my yard so I can try to get grass seed.  I'm going to be shoveling and moving all this crap to the parking area so I can see about leveling the yard and planting grass.  I also want to get some paper and a truck load of mulch for landscaping.  I'm using my summer to get my house in order, and calling it a work out.  If you sweat and kind of hurt afterward, it's exercise.

    I also don't really sleep, which gives me time.  Wake up at 5:30 and go to bed between midnight and 1am.  5-6 hours is all I can really do.

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    I was a very active and motivated person before I got pregnant, and now I am finding myself being lazier and lazier... so I hear you!

    I barely did ANYTHING the first three months of the pregnancy because I just wasn't feeling up to it at all. After that, I started to make more of an effort.

    Now I am make sure to do stretches every night - I am staying motivated because it really helps with the leg pains I've been getting at night (in my sleep).

    As for the gym, I've lowered my expectations to a very reasonable goal - twice a week. Two times a week is very doable for me - once during the week and one day of the weekend - and my doctor and the trainer at the gym said that that is enough. I also try to walk 30-60 min a few times a week.

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    I make it a priority.

    I work and have a toddler, so there is not a lot of "me time".  If I waited until after she went to bed and we ate dinner and DH and I did all of our housework to try to work out, it would never happen.  So, I get up early a couple of times a week to go to the gym, and usually go once on the weekend while DH does something with DD.

    I wasn't great about working out during my first pregnancy and paid for it afterwards, losing a lot of muscle tone and just overall making it harder to lose the weight, so I've made a real effort to do better this time around.

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