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What was the earliest you were able to get a beta?  The 18dpo rule seems extreme.  I am just wondering if anyone was able to con an earlier one.  Trying to make sure this cycle does not interfere with vacation whether it is good or bad news.  My cycle was delayed by a week because my body would not cooperate.  I really need a stress free week after the last seven months of my life. 


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Re: Shady Grove Girls

  • I didn't wait for my beta to take a pregnancy test.  I took it 2 or 3 days before and got my BFP.  By then the trigger was out of my system so I was pretty confident it wasn't a false reading.
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  • I did the same as pp, I always took a HPT before my beta - mostly because if it was bad news I didn't want to be surprised with that for the first time at work.

    My first betas were always 15 or 16 days past IUI, for all 3 IUI cycles. Maybe it's different for IVF?

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  • The earliest beta I could schedule was 19dpo, and they didn't seem to want to budge on that. I got a positive on my HPT at about 14dpo, though. No....didn't wait for beta.
  • I thought I did my first BETA at 14 dpo, but I could be wrong.  
  • Thanks! After IVF #1, my beta was 12 days past a 6 day transfer which is the equivalent of 18 dpo (or egg retrieval). I POAS at 14 dpo and got a positive. For my frozen, it was also 18 dpo. I also POAS and it was negative. I practically had to beg for a beta at 16 dpo, so I could stop the estrogen shots and the progesterone. 

    Anyway, I am really trying to think positive, but I am being slightly irrational. If this doesn't work, I don't want a medicated period at the beach. After my FET, my medicated period had me in bed for 2 days and lasted 7. I really just want them to test early, so if it is negative, I can deal with it and get off the meds, so I get a period before vacation. I know this is ridiculous and I should just pray and assume good news, but my track record recently has drained my optimism.

    I am also having one of those days with Shady Grove, this process, and my doctor. Some days I love the convenience of it and their stats, but sometimes I feel like they are a baby factory with complete and utter disregard for the human who has to endure the physical and emotional effects of the process.

    Thanks for reading my vent! 

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  • I'm sorry you're having a rough time! FWIW, I think their dates aren't to put us through hell, but it's probably from a lot of trial and error. I wonder if testing before 18 was giving some false negatives and they found they had a much better reliability with 18 or later. That's the only reason I can think of. I've thankfully only had one or two minor moments with SG where i was annoyed at them for being so big that I felt a little left in the dark. But the rest of the time, I could just kiss their feet for giving me our baby, and Dr. Stillman has been f-ing awesome.  

    Do you think if you called your nurse and explained the situation they might be willing to move you up? Honestly, they always seemed to ask me what day I wanted to come in for my beta when I scheduled it at checkout, i don't think that person ever had any clue how many days i had to wait.

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  •  Zerf - I have talked to my nurse.  At the embryo transfer, they actually give you a paper with your scheduled beta on it.  She has suggested to me that they schedule it so far out, so they will miss early m/c and chemical pregnancies.  I totally understand that.  I just wish that they would listen to people and make decisions on more of a case by case basis instead of blanket policy. 

    On a side note, I am so happy that you are already 15 weeks!!!  Yeah!  How are you feeling?  Will you find you the gender or go for the surprise?

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  • I know my beta was 14 days after the IUI - and honestly I didn't want to possibly have a false positive with a HPT.
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  • When I got a bfp, I called the after hours nurse and she told me to just come in the next morning, which was 14 dpo. I didn't even know they had a rule until I spoke to my own nurse with the HCG results.
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