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where to get ears pierced

When DD#1 was born we lived in Miami, where lots of people get their baby daughters' ears pierced.  My MIL is Cuban and she was pretty excited about us doing it for DD#1, but in the end it didn't happen because we moved about the time I would have done it, there was a lot going on and it frankly wasn't a big priority to me.

The ILs are in town and this weekend MIL gave the girls earrings, with the obvious expectation that we are going to do it for both now.  It's not big deal to me either way, and DH is in favor of doing, so I figure we'll go ahead and do it and make MIL happy.  But I'm not sure where to go.  I know in Miami often the ped's office would do it for babies...and I will call our dr here and see if they do it, but I'm curious if anyone has experience/advice.  DD#1 is almost 4 and DD#2 is 5 months...going to the mall isn't really a good option in my opinion at this age.


Re: where to get ears pierced

  • I'd definitely get it done and the pedi's office.
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  • My DD just got her ears pierced about 2 months ago and she is 6 months now. We went to the Peds office and they have to pierce their ears with a sterile earring and then two months later you can change the earring.I have never heard anything bad about the mall piercing. They use the same tools that a peds would use and everything is sterile. It's a family tradition to get our baby girls ears pierced early also. Good Luck they will look adorable.  
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