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How much would you pay?

A friend is babysitting our 1 year old and my friend's 8 month old this Saturday. She has babysat for us before and did not want us to pay her so we bought her dinner. We want to pay her something this time since she's in school but I'm not sure how much. Both of the babies will be asleep when she arrives and they both sleep through the night. She's bringing her bestfriend and they plan to make it a movie/chat night. What do y'all think?

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  • You mention she is in school- does she live on her own? If so, maybe you could get her a gift card to a grocery store. or offer to pay for their movie night and dinner?
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  • when we've had similar sitters for similar situations, we've paid $20 for the evening and provided dinner/snacks.
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  • How many hours will she be there?
  • image BridetobeEm:
    How many hours will she be there?

    Probably 4 or 5. We're going out for dinner and drinks.

  • If you really think she doesn't want anything I would do a $25 gift card - sometimes people will accept a gc instead of cash.  Or maybe provide dinner and snacks for the friends.
  • I think I'd get her a $25 giftcard somewhere and offer to get a pizza for dinner. 
  • I think I'd get her a $25 giftcard somewhere and maybe offer to get them a pizza for dinner. 
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