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Strange question, but?

I was pregnant with twins until I was 29 weeks utero, at that point I lost Ross. At 32 weeks Austin was born.

He's is nearly 7 months old now, and has started having night terrors...I was wondering if this could be related to the fact that his brother died to long before he was born? And what I should do to help him through the terrors. Because it happens every other night. He cries and screams like he is in pain while still being sound asleep.

Re: Strange question, but?

  • I don't know about the night terrors, but I also lost a twin and I do wonder if she misses him.  She LOVES when my pregnant SIL holds her and I do wonder if she likes the closeness of the other baby.  She goes right to sleep every time.
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  • Thanks, I really don't know that it actually has anything to do with his brother but my mom claims they'll know that the other baby is suppose to be here but isn't. And I have noticed that Austin loves being around another baby or a women that is pregnant. But I don't. It's just kind of hard to deal with because I don't really know whats causing the issue. But I feel so bad for him because when he screams and cries it really sounds like he's hurt. =(
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