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DH's sympathy craving..lol

So, those of you who read my post a few days ago about the gigantic bowl of m&m's I had might remember that Norcal_chick made a comment about taking a spoonfull of peanut butter and dipping it into the bowl of m&m's. Well....That is EXACTLY what DH is doing as we speak.haha. I mentioned it to him, his eyes got big, and now he is a 1/4 of a peanut butter jar down.Stick out tongue

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Re: DH's sympathy craving..lol

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    I just told my husband, and he said "Ohhh, that sounds good."
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    YUM!  That sounds incredible
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    dh practically downed a whole jug of apple juice the other day... he said he just couldn't get enough. Funny thing is he HATES apple juice and he has no idea why he was in the mood for it. I just laughed at him and said he was getting sympathy cravings.
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    Omgoodness my DH loves popcorn dipped in peanut butter. My poor DH has sympathy acne, and its awful!
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