sharp pain on right side

ok i need help. i have alot of pressure and moments of discomfort under my stomach like not my actual stomach but below all over. I wondered if that happens from being on feet too much b/c it tends to be alot more pressure when I'm up for alot of the day.

Then today I had the horrible sharp pain on the lower right side. It lasted for about 5 minutes and it was so bad I couldn't stand.

What could this possibly be? I don't wanna freak and panic if its nothing.

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Re: sharp pain on right side

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    call your doctor...they told me if i felt a pain like that i should call...not sure why but it was amongst other reasons they were telling me i should contact them
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    sounds like rlp to me
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    At 20 weeks, it sounds like RLP to me. If the pain is in your upper right quadrant my dr told me it could be something wrong with your liver...but it doesn't sound like your's is isolated to one spot.
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    Ditto the others - I'm thinking round ligament pain. But if it concerns you, give your doc a call - that's what they're there for. Smile
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    I had this last week and it was round ligament pain and I have it frequently.. it goes all around the outer edge of my belly.. I would definatly get checked to be safe though! 

    Good luck and hope you feel better soon!

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