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1. OMG I Just saw your news and OMG I am so excited for you!  Congrats Mama!!!

2. I have a link for some super cute onesies your baby triplet pandas MUST have!

I actually have a set of t-shirts from this seller that says PB on one with a slice of bread with peanut butter on it and the other shirt says and J with a slice of bread with jelly.  I'm sure she'd custom make you ones that say the three things separately.  It would be so cute!

3. OMG!

Re: ***J&T***

  • Your comment was PRICELESS! Big Smile Thank you!!

    Not gonna lie - the tick onesie kinda creeps me out, but the others are supa dupa cute! I'm saving the seller in my favorites. Woooop!

  • yeah the tick one is  kinda creepy! 

    The ones on Janine's link are super cute too.  :) 

  • I love pyjammy's stuff! She makes such cute shirts.
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