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Adoption Blogs?

I'm thinking about starting one and documenting our journey.

1st decision: Blogspot or Wordpress?  Any recomendations? 

Anyone have blogs they don't mind sharing?



I am in infertile who never even got the chance to TTC. 12/1999-Ruptured ectopic pregnancy, right tube removed via Laparotomy, left tube was damaged. 2/2002-Laparotomy #2 for left ruptured ovarian cyst. Left ovarian cystectomy & Left tuboplasty. 11/2009-Natural IVF. 11/29 retrieval. Beta 12/14=BFN
1/2010-Remaining tube is a hydrosalpinx & now facing AMA
Moving on to Domestic Adoption!
5/24/10 - Hired an adoption consultant
9/13/10 - Home study approved!
9/18/10 - Mailed all 5 agency applications & profile books
1/13/11 - Got THE call that we were chosen by a birth mother
1/17/11 - Officially accepted the match. Cautiously optimisic :)
3/2011 - Our beautiful baby was born and is home with us!!!

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My sweet furbabies :) They are love love

Re: Adoption Blogs?

  • I prefer Blogspot. Plus they've just added a bunch of new templates that I find pretty nice. My blog link is in my siggy. It's not all adoption based but it's definitely a nice outlet to write when I don't feel like talking.

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  • I use blogspot.  My link is in my siggy but I have to worn you its a work in progress and not very exciting lol.  Most of the time I forget to update it also
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  • I prefer blogspot, it's very user friendly.  My photoblog is in my siggy.  I'm enjoying my friend's adoption blog.  They adopted several years ago and it's an open adoption.  The birth mother and my friend who adopted are writing the adoption story of their daughter from each of their perspectives.



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    I also use Blogspot.  I think it's very easy to navigate.  My link is in my signature but it's pretty new so there isn't much on there.  Yet. :)

  • I use Blogspot -  I really like it and it's easy to use. 
  • I use and love certain features of it but I keep hearing about certain features I wish we had that Blogspot has. I would go with Blogspot if I had to do over again...I've even thought about switching it over.
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  • I really like blogspot. It's super easy to navigate around and they have some recent updates that are nice.

    My blog is in linked in my siggy. You can ready our roller coaster journey by following the links on the right.

    We just started the paperwork for Homestudy #2! 

    Declan 8.25.08
    Lincoln 3.18.11
    Brooks 7.7.12

  • I'm doing blogger/blogspot.  It's easy to navigate and helps me to keep my mind straight :)

    Thanks for everyone posting's my total hobby these days, browsing adoption blogs.  

  • My blog is in blogger, but iIm considering switching to wordpress since on wordpress you can password-protect individual posts. My blog is in my siggy (
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