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39 week appt

Figured I would update you ladies! Big Smile 

I had my 39 week appointment today. From 35-38 weeks my little guys head has been low but I have not been dilated. They stripped my membranes today so I am assuming I am at least a tiny bit dilated (she didnt say and I didn't think to ask because I was crampy).

 I have to go in and have an ultrasound done next thursday to check on my placenta (due to being 40 weeks - due to placenta giving out earlier with IVF patients).

Given that she said based on that ultrasound she will either induce the following day - Friday 7/2 (my due date) or that wednesday (7/7) as that is the latest she will allow me to go. (Those are the 2 days that she is scheduled to be in the hospital).

At least there is an end in sight but I hate coming back from an appointment where there really wasnt any progress.

Did I mention that this is my 3rd baby?? I delivered my other 2 by now (although it was 8 1/2 and 7 years ago).... cant help but feel like a failure this time around.

Anyone have their membranes stripped and have it work?

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Re: 39 week appt

  • I had it done twice. The 1st time at 40 weeks... nothing but a little spotting. Then I had it at 41w 2d, the next day my water broke. Not sure if they were related. Good luck!
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  • I never had any progress before labor, and then it all happened so fast!  You are so close, hope it all goes well :)
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  • Had my membrains stripped at 40 weeks with DS...It did nothing. I was induced at approx 42 weeks.

    ( My first pregnancy I was pregnant longer than anyone I have ever met)

    Hope it works. July pregnancy is yucky. I had My DS July 18.

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